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Rules of play for 5 on 5:

High School Federation Rules, with the following exceptions:

  1. 2nd grade divisions will use the junior’s size basketball (27.5”). 3rd – 6th grade boys and 3rd Thru 12th grade girls’ divisions will use the women’s size basketball (28.5”). Boys 7th thru 12th grade Divisions will use the (29.5”).
  2. Game time is kept in 20-minute running halves, stop clock last 2 minutes of last half, with a (3) minute halftime, and 2 (1) minute time outs per half. Games may start 10 minutes early, and 15 minutes early the last game of the, be ready.
  3. Overtime: 1-2 minutes with jump ball, each team has 1-30 second timeout. 2-Sudden death with jump ball, plus 1-30 second time out per team upon possession.
  4. Fouls: One free throw for the amount of points you are fouled. Technical or Intentional Fouls – 2 points awarded and the ball out of bounds. One technical foul on a coach or fan and 2 points are awarded to opposing team and ball and 2nd he/she are ejected from the gym. One technical on a player 2 points awarded to opposing team and ball, 2nd on a player and the player must sit on the bench for the remainder of the game. Officials and tournament administrators have the right to eject a fan, player, or coach. If ejected coach, player, or fan must leave the gym completely. A third technical foul on any coach, fan or player and they are Not allowed to return for the remainder of the tournament. Varsity gets 6 personal fouls per player. All other divisions get 5 personal fouls per player.
  5.  No pressing if team is ahead by 20 points or more.
  6. Outcome of pool play placing is determined by: 1-by record 2-head to head 3-point deferential up to 30 points per game 4-overall points allowed in pool play
  7. No player can be on more than one roster or play on more than one team in the same division.
  8. Home team does the score board and away team does the stat/score sheet, refer to score sheet at score table to determine home or away.
  9. Mercy Rule: With a 20 point or more lead in the last 2 minutes of the game, the game clock will continue to run unless the losing team drops the point difference to less than 20.
  10. No holding on to or hanging from the rim of the basket, period. No dunking or hanging from rim in warm-ups. Either will result in an automatic technical foul.